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Top 5 Worst Enemies of your Skin & How to Fight them!

Top 5 Worst Enemies of your Skin & How to Fight them!

Beauty is more than skin deep and lies in the eyes of the beholder but that does not in any way mean that one should just let themselves be as it is. It is merely our duty to look after and pamper our skin not just to look good but also to feel good.

Your skin is the prime symbol of beauty and vogue needs your attention every now and then either be it daytime or nighttime. There are multiple things your skin should remain astray from and should be avoided straight away. If you are a concerned person who is always seeking ways to indulge your skin then this guide enlists some of your skin’s worse enemies you should be aware of.

#1 The Scorching Heat of The Sun

If you are a permanent resident of a cold climate then you may crave sunlight and would long for summers. Little do you know that the sun has UV rays which can form free radicals in your skin and can fade off the protective layer.

Using sunscreens before leaving your home is an ideal approach. Moreover, taking food rich in antioxidants such as Vitamin E, carrots, citrus fruits can hinder the formation of free radicals and can increase your skin’s ability to combat heat and UV rays.

 #2 Over Excessive Use of High-End Makeup

The products used in makeup are not meant for those having sensitive skin. The presence of harmful substances can form comedones in your skin which can, later on, convert into pimples and papules in severe cases. Although there is no harm in beautifying yourself by applying those layers and layers of concealers it is essential to wash off all the makeup you wore the entire day before going to bed. Not washing off your face properly can give room to the bacteria to feed on and eventually leading to breakouts.

#3 Not Using the Right Moisturizer

People believe in myths saying that moisturizers are oily and feel heavy on the face. However, this is completely incorrect. Moisturizers are as important to your skin as food is to your body. It restores and locks the skin’s natural moisture. Dry skin is a sign of damage and eventually gives route to dullness and early skin aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and patches.

The best time to apply moisturizers is before going to bed. This is so because of your skin repairs and regenerates itself while you are sleeping.

#4 Sugars and Junk Food

Sugar is the worst enemy of your body and your skin too.  Excessive consumption of sugars offers a road to the formation of acne with horrible scars that don’t even fade off. If you are a junk food lover then know that you can never have that glossy Korean skin!

Drink at least 5 -6 liters of water in a day to eliminate dehydration of the skin.

#5 Following All the Skin Bloggers

If you are influenced by all those bloggers who use multiple skin products then know that you are in danger. Not all products are meant for everyone. Your skin might be totally different from theirs. Influencers and bloggers are paid for marketing the products they use. Therefore, it is wise to use only the products your dermatologist suggests as they know your skin type better.

Nobody has flawless skin, not even those in TV commercials. It is all editing and lighting effects whose main idea is to grab your attention. However, knowing your skin type and taking ample care of it can eventually give you a fresh and healthy look.

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