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Palm Springs(2020) – Nyles Speech scene.

Palm Springs(2020) – Nyles Speech scene.

The Epilogue of Palm Springs, Explained – Vulture

Palm Springs Ending Explained – Here’s Exactly What Happened to Roy, Nyles, Sarah In the Post Credit Scene – Esquire

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Palm Springs(2020) – Nyles Speech scene.

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2015 Emmys | Andy Samberg’s Opening Routine

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Palm Springs sees Andy Samberg riff on Lonely Island shtick in Groundhog Day-style time loop rom-com – ABC News

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‘Palm Springs’ | Anatomy of a Scene’Palm Springs’ | Anatomy of a Scene – The New York Times

Andy Samberg Makes Selena Gomez Laugh So Hard (Hotel Transylvania 3)

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Palm Springs review: Groundhog Day meets Bridesmaids – BBC News

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Palm Springs vs. Groundhog Day: Finding Meaning in The Loop

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Andy Samberg Relives A Hellish Day In New Movie, ‘Palm Springs’ – NPR

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‘Palm Springs’: Andy Samberg And Cristin Milioti Talk About Their Chemistry – TheThings

J.K. Simmons on Palm Springs and why he loves working with Andy Samberg

The Morning Watch: ‘Palm Springs’ Anatomy of a Scene, Kermit & Miss Piggy Take an Autocomplete Interview & More – /FILM

Hulu releases new ‘Palm Springs’ cut with commentary from Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti –

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Andy Samberg (‘Palm Springs’) on making ‘more than just a straightforward comedy’ [Complete Interview Transcript] – Gold Derby

Mess Is Mine – Sarah & Nyles (Palm Springs)

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Cristin Milioti Has A Drunk Personality

Cristin Milioti on Palm Springs success, awards buzz –

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Best man’s speech and funny powerpoint presentation

The Millennial Blues of “Palm Springs” – lareviewofbooks

8 romantic films to swoon over on Valentine’s Day – Greensboro News & Record

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Andy Samberg Is Happy to Be the Butt of the Joke – GQ

nyles & sarah (palm springs) l don’t save me

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Five Cent Cine At Home: Palm Springs – Buffalo Rising

Palm Springs: 5 Ways It’s The Best Time Loop Movie (& 5 Better Alternatives) – Screen Rant

every time nyles is called mistys boyfriend in Palm Springs

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