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Kelly Rowland gets candid about Beyoncé Comparisons: ‘I Would Just Torture Myself’

Kelly Rowland gets candid about Beyoncé Comparisons: ‘I Would Just Torture Myself’

Kelly Rowland admitted on Tuesday’s episode of ‘The Voice Australia’ that it was very tough for her living in Beyonce’s shadow while she was performing in Destiny’s Child. Kelly made the candid confession while she was mentoring a singer named Chris Sebastian. The 39-year-old singer, a founding member of the ’90s R&B group spoke candidly about the constant comparisons while offering advice to contestant Chris Sebastian during the recent episode of The Voice Australia. When Sebastian revealed his fears about being overshadowed by his older brother, Australian Idol winner and pop star Guy Sebastian, Rowland recalled her own challenging experience during the Destiny’s Child days, saying she “tortured” herself.

she said while comforting Sebastian, “I know this feeling. Can you imagine what it’s like being in a group with Beyoncé?”. “I would just torture myself in my head.”

According to Rowland, being pitted against her longtime friend and band-mate caused her to constantly second-guess her own choices.

‘The Voice’ coach recalled often telling herself: “I can’t wear this dress because they’re going to say it’s like B.” Or, ‘I can’t have a song like that because it sounds too much like B.’ The hit singer suggested Sebastian just be himself because “they’re gonna compare anyway”. She went on to say, I would be lying if I said ‘No, it’s never bothered me.’ “That’s bull. There was a whole decade, if I am being completely honest, decade that it was like the elephant in the room, the thing that would constantly be on my shoulder.”

The ‘Motivation’ hit-maker was brutally honest about the impact these experiences had on her, her career and her feeling of self-worth.

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