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Jessica Alba takes the 5 minute makeup challenge

Jessica Alba takes the 5 minute makeup challenge

Jessica Alba takes the 5 minute makeup challenge, watch the video do see if she actually took 5 minutes to complete the challenge. In the video she uses the products from her beauty line ‘honest Beauty’, all the products she used are listed below.

Jessica starts off with a everything matte primer and then applies the tinted moisturizer over the primer, she uses a wet sponge to blend all the products in. And then she goes in with a cream foundation, which gives a good coverage and at the same time doesn’t feel heavy. The foundation is sort of like a concealer and a foundation in one. It has some nice yellow undertones but it also has some good pinkish pigment. It is always good to know your skin undertone, that will help you in choosing the right foundation.  She then applies the coral peach cream blush and this is as she says “really my go-to for the summer, it looks nice on so many different skin tones and pigments it really is the perfect pop of color for your cheeks and it just gives you like a really nice youthful flush”.

Then she goes in with a little brow pencil to fill it on the ends first and then uses the eyelash curler and applies the primer real quick. while the primer is sitting she does her lips with the tinted lip balm (fruit punch). She then applies the mascara blinking through the band, a technique that she loves and hurray! she is done with her makeup. Wait! Did she just say 5 minutes?

Watch the video and get Jessica’s you look amazing without any make up ‘kind of make up’.

Everything Primer (Matte)
CCC Tinted Moisturizer
Everything Cream Foundation Compact
Creme Cheek Blush (Coral Peach)
Eyebrow Pencil
Extreme Length Mascara + Primer
Tinted Lip Balm (Fruit Punch)

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