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How to create the perfect winged eyeliner look

How to create the perfect winged eyeliner look

A winged eyeliner is every girl’s weakness and one of the reasons winged eyeliner is so popular is because it can be adapted to flatter different eye shapes. When applied the right way, winged liner can also make eyes appear bigger and brighter. 

Watch this quick and short tutorial on how to create a perfect winged eyeliner using simple techniques that no one told you. keep in mind a few tips and tricks on how to apply and you will realize that it is not hard to master that wing. It’s not always going to be easy and perfect when you start of, but using the tricks taught in the video you could master this in just a few strokes. So what are you waiting for? get hold of your eyeliner and get started.

Winged eyeliner tips and tricks
1.While applying eyeliner make sure you look ahead and pull your eyes very lightly the right way, this will help you in creating the perfect wing.

2. Try starting from the outer corner of the eye and slowly work backward. Then depending on how long you want the wing you can extend it, go back and forth till you have achieved the look you desired.

3. Having less product on the brush to start with will get you better results. And once you get the shape right you can go over again to darken it. This way its much easier and faster to control the line and shape of the wing and give your eyes definition.

4. Also remember it is not easy to match the left winged eyeliner with the right one at the first go, but with practice you will get there. Nonetheless may your coffee be hot and your eyeliner be even!

Products used
1. Mac chromaline black black 
2. Mac 209 brush

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