‘Dynamite’ is about to explode! BTS latest music video ‘Dynamite’ is almost on the verge of release, and the new teaser shows the seven-member Korean group ready to keep fans excited about the song’s release with its teasers. 

While ARMY awaits ‘Dynamite’, an English single set to make waves on August 21, they can enjoy a new clip of the song and music video, which was unveiled on Tuesday on August 18.

The song has a disco vibe to it, will be accompanied by a video where the group flaunts their impressive dance moves. The teaser also shows a beautiful sunset sky. A press release promises that the ‘Dynamite’ video will be released along with the song on August 21. The seven members — Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin,V and Jungkook — appear in muted pastels against  a pink sunset sky background in causal everyday look. A quick flash of J-Hope, and then all seven are back, and the whole theme changes, this time to a full ’70s-inspired retro look.

The new teaser comes after a series of promo photos featuring the members of BTS in laid-back styling with big retro-nostalgia vibes. A press release calls the ‘Dynamite’ music video an “upbeat Disco vibe” that “exudes energy and freshness,”. BTS pays homage to Michael Jackson with various iconic MJ poses plus his unmistakable leg kick. Fans are already raving about the stunning visuals and can’t get enough of the high energy vibes.

BTS will perform ‘Dynamite’ (an English language song) for the first time at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards on August 30, making the Video Music Awards their official comeback stage. They are nominated in the categories for Best Pop Video, Best Choreography, and Best K-pop at the ceremony.

The official release date for “Dynamite” is this Friday, August 21 at midnight EST, followed by the group’s standard live broadcast at 6 a.m. EST and then an interview appearance on MTV’s Fresh Out Live at 5 p.m. EST. They’ll also appear on The Today Show on August 24.

Check out the new ‘Dynamite’ teaser clip, that will leave you in awe.