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Best lip balms for dry chapped lips

Best lip balms for dry chapped lips

Coming fall/ winter and you don’t want to find yourself having to deal with dry chapped lips. The video below is a product pile video that will help you navigate which lip balms to choose from a ton of products that are available in the market. That must have already got you confused, so go ahead and watch the video below. There are so many amazing collection of lip balms shown and although there are no recommendations made on any particular product, this video will definitely help you cut the clutter.

The products are broken down into 3 categories.
1.Repair : For the best lip balms to fix dryness and get those baby lips back again.
2. Light: The type most people use but don’t give you a huge amount of hydration.
3. High end: These are the pricey luxurious pieces from top brands.
4. A few Aussie brands.

One thing to always watch out for are the ingredients in the brand, look for nourishing elements like vitamin E, almond or avocado oil and Shea butter. Plain coconut oil is also a good substitute for store bought lip balms, just leave it on in the night before going to bed and the next morning you wake up with soft lips.

So Which lip balm is going in your bag?

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