In this video you will see simple hacks to apply nail polish. They are very easy to follow and doable for a perfect manicure at home.

 #1. Don’t use cuticle nippers, instead push back the cuticle and then scrap out the dead skin from the top of your nails.

#2. Use a Q tip soaked in acetone to remove all the oil from your nails before applying nail polish, wait for it to dry and then apply the first coat. Make sure you do not touch your nails after you have cleaned them with acetone.

#3. While filing your nails go in one direction, this will not break or make your nails look jagged.

#4. While painting your nails don’t aim at painting all the edges perfectly at the first go, any unevenness and unfilled edges can be taken care of at the second coat, also use only a drop of polish on the brush for application.

#5. After you are done applying your nail polish, go for a top coat and also apply a strand of nail polish along the edge of the nails.

#6. Apply liquid latex that you can brush on around your nails before you paint them. Let it dry for a minute and apply polish as usual. If you accidentally apply polish on your skin, simply peel off the liquid latex and any polish that is not on your nails will come off with it. Liquid latex even comes in various color and glitter options and there are non-latex alternatives for people with allergies. If you do not have liquid latex try using Elmer glue, that works too.

#7. If you want to get rid of an old dark nail paint, like a deep red color, then before using the nail polish remover, dab a good amount of hand cream all around the nails and then remove the nail polish, this will prevent staining the cuticle with the dark pigment.

#8. If you have run out of  nail polish remover, and you really need to get rid of the old polish, then apply whatever nail polish  you have over your nails and remove the old polish. The bottom line is your nail polish can double as a nail polish remover too.